Darcie Rees

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Mother. Teacher. Writer.

The Genesis Teacher


What does Genesis say about teaching?

This may appear an unusual place to begin a conversation about the teacher, but as with all things, the beginnings of teaching should be found in the word of God.

Darcie Rees unpacks the first three chapters of Genesis to reveal the truth about teaching: how to teach from one's spirit, using one's voice, and governing the learning environment.

In The Genesis Teacher, readers will discover the perfect design of the great Creator-Teacher and how to imitate Him in their own instruction.

About the Author

Darcie Rees is a teacher at Christ the King Homeschool in Michigan. After 19 years of schooling, Darcie discovered she still had much to learn (and loads to unlearn) about literature, writing, teaching, and life.

Darcie, her husband of six years, and their two sweet boys live in Metro Detroit. This is her first published work.